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Removing viruses, installing antivirus programs, recovering information after virus attacks Antivirus program (antivirus, antivirus protection tool, malware detection tool ) is a specialized program for detecting computer viruses and unwanted (considered malicious) programs and recovering files infected (modified) by such programs, as well as for preventing and preventing infection (modification) files or operating system with malicious code.To protect against viruses, three groups of methods are used:
Methods based on the analysis of the contents of files (both data files and files with command codes). This group includes virus signature scans, as well as integrity checks and scans of suspicious commands.
Methods based on tracking the behavior of programs during their execution. These methods consist in recording all events that threaten the security of the system and occur either during the actual execution of the checked code or during its software emulation.
Methods for regulating the procedure for working with files and programs. These methods relate to administrative security measures.

We offer the following
anti-virus software:

An antivirus you can trust. Life is unpredictable.Get ready for any twist of fate thanks to an anti-virus solution trusted by 230 million people around the world. Kaspersky, a leader in information security, presents the main trends in the spread of computer threats.
An anti-virus system manufactured by macafee Technologies, which has a file scanner, email scanner & supports.
Security guarantee: An advanced software solution that provides full protection against all types of threats, protects user information and personal data, and prevents viruses from entering your PC.
Microsoft Security Essentials is a free package of antivirus applications from Microsoft, designed to combat various viruses, spyware.


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